Friday, February 19, 2010

Photography Workshop | UKM

Date : 7th Feb. 2010
Venue : UKM Bangi
Purpose : Photography Talk for newbies/beginners
Participants : around 60-65 person...
Held @ Kolej Aminuddin Baki Hall
Starts 3pm - ends 5pm

Talk Session..Alhamdulillah dapat sambutan...

Theory lessons ends...and workshop parts began..

Lots,was exited on the workshop part,because it was held outside the hall. Its actually called as outdoor shooting session.
Most of them,uses compact camera. There are some DSLR users...the ones with compact camera wasn't disappointed with the outdoor session because they also learn how to use compact to fine nice angle,ISO etc. Teached by my buddy Flan Aan. DSLR users mostly refers to me and Farhan..

Model in the action event was Mi Naz. But later on,i decided to add another model from the participants. It was Tg. Nielam Baizura Tg. Ismail. She was very shy at first but sporting later on..

The outdoor shooting session was mainly for participants to practice the theories given earlier, therefore, they'd understand what I've babbling about earlier with all the slides shown. Lots a question were asked. They learn more about photography when they experienced it by their own.

Now they know how to use DSLR/compact camera more than before. Participant were satisfied with the event and hope to learn more in the furture with me and my friends...InsyaAllah...


Workshop done, and the closing ceremony began...

I was very happy,because my talk on photography was taken seriously and the event went was a great day and at the end of the ceremony,me and Mi Naz received a token of appreciation from the UKM communities... THANK YOU VERY MUCH guys!!!


nurul khairunie said...

wah cun lah bro! sudah buat seminar. keep it coming =)

Hus said...

Tahniah Mr. Mofarad. You're one step ahead! Keep up the good work! :-)

Anyway, sy ada beberapa suggestion. Myb Mr. Mofarad boleh include lebih banyak contoh berilustari dan bergambar di dalam slide presentation. Cthnya gambar kesan white balance (camne gambar tu akan jadi bila kita set WB kpd sunlight vs tungsten etc.), ISO (high iso vs low iso), shutter, aperture dsb. Sy rasa peserta akan lebih faham bila Mr. Mofarad include sekali benda2 cm2.

Papepun, sesi outdoor mmg menarik. Congratulations and keep up the good work again! :-)

mofarad said...

kay,tanx babe... :)

hus,yup..betul tu,mmg ramai yg kurang faham tentang apa yg sy terangkan..maklumlah baru first time..tapi mereka lebih berminat dan enjoy masa sesi outdoor..insyaAllah,jika diberi peluang,sy akan datang lg ke UKM..tanx for ur support ya..

sapphire said...

tahun depan jemput dtg lagi k :)

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